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The advantages of living in the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital is hands-down the best city you could live in, because the New Capital project is considered one of the largest projects to be implemented in the Middle East, and all the governmental services, embassies, universities and schools, all entertainment facilities and venues, and medical services have been provided within it, provides you with all important information about the new administrative capital.


Among the advantages of the Administrative Capital

The design of the new administrative capital

The New Capital was designed with a distinct European style, resembling historical Egyptian cities such as Heliopolis and Garden City, using modern architectural methods that’s environmentally friendly.

The Administrative Capital will include a smart village of 260 acres, and it will be an integrated technology city on a huge area and will be the headquarters for the software and information technology industry, like the American Silicon Valley.

The Administrative Capital will have a major exhibition city, Expo City, which will be a center for exhibition tourism. An environmentally friendly city, which will include plants to generate electricity from solar energy. So, if you’re looking for the largest urbanized complex in the Middle East to live in, the new administrative capital is your choice. will help you choose the best housing unit for you.


Entertainment in the new administrative capital

The city will contain all the Places of entertainment and leisure like fitness trails, a major park, an amusement park for mountain climbers, paths for pedestrians and cyclists, horse riding arenas, a water park for sailing and canoeing, a manmade river, museums of science, arts and technology, many theaters, cinemas, and a zoo will be containing fishponds, Dolphin shows and botanical gardens.

Also, the new capital will include a large Disneyland similar to the American one.

The capital will have the largest central park in the world, which will be an outlet for hiking, and it’s twice the size of Hyde Park in New York, USA.

So, if you’re looking for a city where all entertainment facilities and venues are provided in; the new administrative capital is your choice. will help you choose the best housing unit for you.


Health care services in the new administrative capital

The capital will include a medical city consisting of 3 hospitals on an area of 20 thousand square meters; The first will be a general hospital with 300 beds, the second will be a children’s hospital, and the third will be for obstetrics and gynecology. A physician training center and a higher technical nursing institute will also be established. Plus, Several large private hospitals and medical malls.

There are many private medical malls that will be dedicated to medical clinics, radiology and analysis centers, and pharmacies, such as the Capital Care Mall and the Medical Capital Mall, and these malls will spread near residential areas.


Education in the new administrative capital

The Administrative Capital includes 50 international schools up to now, including 4 Japanese schools, such as: Al Maarefa International School, Al Bayan Educational School, Manar House School, and the British International School, in addition to government schools at all levels of education.

And universities like the German International University of Applied Sciences, Hungarian University, Swedish University, University of Liverpool, The New Canadian University, The American International University, British Coventry University.


Facilities in the Administrative Capital

Garbage will be collected through an intelligent system for managing and collecting waste in a way that ensures a clean and urban appearance of the city. Waste collection bins will be distributed in all neighborhoods near residential buildings.

The Administrative Capital will have its own pure water plant, and the water coming from the New Cairo and Badr stations is currently being used.

The Administrative Capital includes a private power station with a capacity of 4800 MW, it will also provide the energy needs of the cities surrounding the new capital.  

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