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A guide to the most important neighborhoods and districts of the new administrative capital

A guide to the most important neighborhoods and districts of the new administrative capital if you’re planning to live there. provides you with all important information about the new administrative capital.

Because of the congestion of the old capital Cairo, as there are many of the governmental facilities, companies and businesses. people of the governorates come to Cairo to work or get official papers, so the solution was to transfer government facilities, ministries, companies and businesses to a new area away from the crowds which is the new administrative capital.


1- The government district in the Administrative Capital

The district has an area of 550 acres. It consists of 34 buildings for ministries, a building for Parliament, and another for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and many employees will be transferred to this district such as The Ministry of Military Production, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Endowments, the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Supply and the Ministry of Health.


2- Al Sefarat district in the New Capital

So far, there are 30 foreign and Arab countries who have obtained lands within the administrative capital to establish their embassies, such as the USA, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Bahrain, Brazil, Argentina, India, Korea, Japan and other countries, as well as there are international organizations that requested to have headquarters in this district, such as the International Organization of Food and the African Bank.


3- Financial and Business District

The plan of the New Administrative Capital for the Financial and Business District is to be established with the aim of providing a developed area for business owners, through establishing several major and international banks, and administrative and commercial towers to provide administrative offices for sale and commercial stores Ownership, companies, and more than 20 towers offering residential, administrative, commercial and service units.


4- The residential neighborhood in the New Administrative Capital

The neighborhoods of the residential area will be built jointly by the government and private sector companies from real estate developers. These residential neighborhoods will be built according to several different phases, and 80% of the first phase of about 8 residential neighborhoods has been built, starting from the first residential neighborhood R1 up to the eighth residential neighborhood R8, between the Central and Regional Ring Road and the Eastern Regional Ring Road.  It’s also planned that about half a million housing units will be built, divided into medium, upper-middle and high-end units.

If the residential neighborhood is suitable for you to live in, will help you find your best housing unit.


5-The third residential neighborhood, R3, in the New Capital

The third residential neighborhood, “Capital Residence”, includes about 24 thousand housing units and extends over a vast area of up to 1000 acres. Most of the project has been finished so far.

The neighborhood consists of 8 main neighborhoods, distributed as follows: 697 residential buildings, containing 19,944 housing units, 328 villas, with 328 residential units, and 157 townhouse-style buildings, containing 624 housing units, and 64 buildings in the “mixed residential” style.

If R3 is suitable for you to live in, will help you find your best housing unit.


6-The fifth residential neighborhood, R5, in the New Capital

Also called New Garden City. It is planned to include 23 thousand residential units, consisting of apartments, villas, and several luxury units, in addition to an area for residential towers with mixed use in the lower floors, with about 2000 residential units and hotels.


7- The seventh district, R7, in the New Capital

The seventh residential neighborhood, R7, is the most prominent neighborhood in the Administrative Capital, as it includes many important compounds and overlooks several important landmarks such as the Universities of the Administrative Capital, the Green River, Expo City and Mega Mall.

It’s Close to important and main roads in the New Capital and a small distance from the regional ring road; The most important roads of the capital, which connects it with the main roads of Cairo.


8- The eighth residential neighborhood, R8, in the New Capital

It has an area of about 2,500 acres, and the neighborhood includes many high-end compounds and hotels, and has buildings for medium housing.

The neighborhood includes a huge sports club, as well as green spaces and gardens.

The neighborhood is close to the seventh residential neighborhood, and it also overlooks the Green River

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